Liquid handler

Liquid handler product range

For high throughput requirements, Biowake offers a range of  Apricot Designs® robotic devices. These are available as stand-alone or fully integrated PC controlled robots for specialist applications. All our liquid handling robots are compatible with common 96 and 384 well microtitre plates. For highest throughput, the TPS 384 Pipettor is also compatible with 1536 well plates. Our range of liquid handling robots enable unattended serial dilution and plate reformatting of single or multiple plates and are available with our without bar-code scanning, plate shaking, tip washing or plate heating or cooling.

TPS 96 pipettor
Liquid handling systems
Microplate dispenser
96 well pipettor

I-pipette basic
I-Pipette pro
Personal pipettor
TPS 24 pipettor


TPS 384 pipettor


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